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Welcome To Fast Slot Cars!

I have enjoyed HO scale slot cars since the 70's and in the past 10 years or so started racing 1/24 scale Parma FCR cars, stamped steel flexi chassis, wing and drag cars. I raced 1/24  scale model body "Hardbody Stocker" racing with the Pro-Track and H&R chassis on a large wooden commercial track.  That was a blast! 

I haven't done much racing lately, the nearby track closed due to this economy and the next nearest track is about an hour away.

I now have a small 1/24 scale Carrera plastic track setup. I run both 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars with smaller motors... somehow that's just not the same.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, send me an  email, if I don't know the answer, I'll make something up that sounds good!

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Round Track Stock Cars


This 1968 Firebird stock car (retired) has the Pro-Track "Full Scale Hard body" Chassis. It's the first one I built that started a new class of racing at Raceway Alley in 2006.

'71 Mustang "The Rabbit" 
Body is now Retired


1970 Road Runner

1969 Chevy Corvair (retired)

Custom 1969 Z28 Camaro Stocker


 1970 Mustang Stocker running a Parma S16D arm in a Pro-Slot can... it's a rocket!

1971 Mustang "The Big Meany" .

1967 Charger

Scratch Built Hardboby Chassis

This is an old K&B Chassis kit that came with a 36D motor and some sort of Lexan body. I originally built the Willys at the right to fit this chassis.

Open Wheeled Modified 1940 Willys, '68 Firebird  hood, grill of a  '32 Ford and the engine is Chevy.


There was suppose to be an Outlaw Modified class that never really happened, I think we ran two races with four cars. I believe the problem was the old K&B brass chassis that was chosen, it was very heavy. Plus that 36D motor was a turd and there is no real replacement to fit. Then the replacement motor became the sealed Deathstar that required some modifications for a solder mount and all interest seemed to fade.

Now the rule is, "build an open wheeled modified car on any chassis, any motor and we'll race it". So...

This is my completely scratch built chassis for this class. It's custom built to fit the 1940 Willys above. It's kind of on the same basic idea of the Pro-Track Composite chassis (that has suddenly become hard to find) but is not an exact copy. It's all brass and steel wire with "plumber" type body mounting hinge setup.

This is a close up shot of the "plumber" hinge. This allows for the body to float for improved handling by separating  motor and drive train vibrations from the body.

Here's an over view of the #14 "Star" Mustang's chassis. It's built similar to the open wheeled racer above that runs and handles very well on a commercial track with a 16D motor. This car sports a hopped up Super 16D.


Interested in a "How To" with plans?  Let me know... Send Email For More Information

1/24 scale Hardbody Stocker Building Page... Click this photo for an

illustrated, step by step building of this car, check it out!

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IRRA Retro

I had started racing in the Ohio Valley Retro Race Series

 At the right is my first attempt at a Retro Can-Am/GT Coupe class. I used front wheels I had on hand and rear tires were what I had available at my local shop.



This is the same basic chassis with a rebuilt front section. It now lays down a bit flatter and stays in the slot. I may be learning something...oops!  It has the JK front and rear tires and the Falcon motor. The only thing not shown is a steal rear body brace wire to prevent the spoiler on the body from pushing down on the tires in the straight. That caused a chattering issue that scrubbed off a lot of speed.



My first Formula 1 chassis below wasn't anything to brag about, looked good but didn't handle well. I ran about 63 laps into the second heat and crashed into a handful of junk... enough said.


I extended the wheel base to 4.25 inches on my new Formula 1 chassis, it seems to handle well on an oval track in testing. It's light at 100.3 grams and seems quick.

The JK Spec Chassis, not as much of a scratch build as it is a modified, I need to do more work on it.

           This is the Outisight Ti22 Can-Am body

My Flexi GT Coupe entry is the JK Sunoco Lola T-70 GT on the Cheetah 7 chassis.

For more information on scratch built retro racing visit the International Retro Racing Association website.


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My 1/24 Scale Home Track

This is my 1/24 scale Carrera track, it has a 25' 10" inside lane with a 27' 11" outside lane.  I replaced the double crossovers with a chicane and can add the crossovers back to have two 27' 2" lanes.
I used interior doors doweled together to get the size I needed; two 3.5x6.6 ft. sections connected to form an "L".
The base is made of scrap wood. My space is limited, so I need it to slide around on the base to get around the
back sides when needed for maintenance.

The Carrera track is nice, although the slot is a a bit wider than 1/32 scale track, 1/32 scale cars will run on it well. 
I have found somewhat of a performance difference between the two scale tracks. I believe the size of the rails with the magnetic down force effects are the reason. I mention this because I tuned some 1/32 cars on my 1/24 scale track to race on a 1/32 scale Ninco track and they did not perform well... at all.
I realized I would need to have the same type (even brand) of test track to tune cars for competition.
Live and learn!

Recently I added 1/4 inch foam insulation, "Blue Board", to deaden that hollow door sound and it allows me to tape the wiring flat to the surface.  Next, I'll cut the 1 inch blue foam to fit around the track openings, sculpt, paint and add trees to make scenery.  This I can lift out for modifications and cleaning.  If I ever want to make changes, enlarge or move, I can reuse everything.

I started this 1/24 scale Ford GT last summer, finally got it mounted to the Pro-Track chassis. I tried the PlaFit Cheetah, Fox and finally settled on the Rabbit motor. Looks like that has just enough power for a small home track.

1/25 scale 1940 Ford Coupe has a simple home made square tube brass chassis.

I have a few 1/32 scale cars so far, I plan to scratch build some chassis to fit 1/24 and 1/25 scale model body's.
That should keep me out of trouble... maybe.

Slot.it Nissan R390 GT1 kit with House of Kolor's Copper to Green Flip. "A Snow Day Project"



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My HO Scale Track


This is my "old" HO scale track I built in 2002.  I thought vinyl kitchen table cloths, like grandma used, might work. It is easy to clean, the problem is that it has a cotton backing that drills and screws get twisted up in. So I wouldn't recommend its as a base, looks nice though.   I had it wired to a computer running Lap Timer 2000 . It's a nice program with excellent wiring directions on the site, you can even order the wiring harnesses directly from the author if you need to.


The nine inch Daytona High Bank turn is a fast run.


I have several Johnny Lightning, older AFX Magna Traction and T-Jets and some newer Tyco, Lifelike, Super G-Plus cars as well.

Hot Rod GTO T-Jet

Resin cast Cadillac T-Jet

This is one of my old favorites, Ferrari 512 M.

I built this traction pan onto an AFX chassis back
in the 70's. It still handles like a dream!

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I've learned over the years that electrical devices actually run on smoke... I know this is true because I've seen the smoke leak out from time to time.

If you have any comments or questions about anything on this page, drop me an e-mail...
 I'd like to hear from you!

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My email has been fixed, if you sent me a message this past spring/summer 2015
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Some drag slot cars above feature these parts:
 Champion Overhead Springs, QT Leadwire, Gold Dust Brushes, Group 20
S16D Armatures, Top Gun, Sonic, King Crown, Slot Sprocket Gears.
Made by: Parma, Pro-Slot, Pro-Track, H&R, WRP, REH, DRS, Slick 7, JDS, Koford, Mura.
With Ford, Mercury, Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Chrysler, Plymouth, AMC
model car kit bodies from Monogram, Revell, Ertl, AMT.
Built with the Hudy Tire Truer, Com Lathe, tools.

All images contained on this site are ©Fast Slot Cars .com
and may not be used without express written permission

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